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Taghum Hall Rental Rates:


Daytime: (8am - 4pm) $ 200
Full Day: (8am - 12 midnight) $ 400
Weekend: (Fri 5pm - Sun noon) $ 750

Extended Weekend: (Fri 5pm - Sun 3pm) $1,000 (incl kitchen use)

Private Outdoor Space (with FULL Hall Rental)    $100/day 
Private Outdoor Space; Concession: $ 150/day   -    (with FULL Hall rental) *Concession Includes 2 Bar Fridges & 1 BBQ.  If using BBQ - Renter must bring propane.
Hourly rental: $ 30/hour
Ongoing hourly rental: $ 25/hour
Optional: Kitchen use for full meal prep $ 50/day
Optional: Special Event Accessories $ 100

Optional: Janitorial $ 100

Dishwashing/Full Kitchen Clean-up (optional): $100

For full descriptions on pricing, please see the Rental Agreement.

To discuss prices, and to check Hall availability, please email (If
you would like a call back, please leave your phone number when you email.) Taghum
Hall supports the community by offering artistic, cultural, educational, and life enhancing
opportunities through classes, workshops, and events.

Taghum Hall is run by community-minded people just like you. We love having the
community use our Hall. We will do our best to make your rental experience great, and in
return we ask that you be respectful of our Hall and leave the space as you found it.

You can fill out the Rental Agreement Here. Or contact our Rental Manager for assistance.

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