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General Information/Hall Rules

General Information:


Main Hall Size: 30’ x 60’

Full Capacity: 120 people

Seated Capacity: 120 people

Chairs Available: 96 white plastic chairs

Tables Available: 21 x 8’ tables

Benches Available: 10 outdoor benches




  • Multi-functional open space for weddings, celebrations of life, and other festivities

  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • Dimmer lights throughout

  • Ample parking

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Wrap-around deck

  • Riverfront property

  • Janitorial services (see Rental Agreement for details)


Stage / Audio/Visual:


  • Small proscenium stage with adjustable lighting

  • Projector with HDMI cable (note: bring your own adaptors)

  • Audio system with headphone jack (note: bring your own adaptors)

  • Microphone and Amp

  • Wifi


Note:  For on-site audiovisual and IT needs, please call Michael Vecchio at 250-608-8205 or visit for further information.


Taghum Hall Rules: 


  1. MANDATORY: At the end of your event, wipe all chairs and tables and return to the original location.

  2. Using the hooks provided, decorations can be hung on the wood trim found near ceiling level.  DO NOT tape/nail any decorations to walls. 

  3. Remove all decorations at the end of your event. 

  4. NO SMOKING IN THE HALL, or within 30 feet of the building. 

  5. NO FIREWORKS. No candles, confetti or glitter. 

  6. Stove-vent fan must be ‘on’ when using kitchen (on wall beside stove) 

  7. Quiet by 10 pm as per RDCK Bylaw 2440, 2015.  Please ensure any noise (music etc) is appropriately turned down and inside only after 10pm.

  8. Vacate hall and lock doors by 1:00 a.m. 

  9. Secure all windows, turn off all lights and lock all doors prior to leaving the premises. 


  1. Return key to lock box immediately after end of event. 

  2. Hall will be inventoried and inspected before rental deposit is returned. 

  3. Loss of key will result in a replacement fee of $200. 


Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Checklist:


If you or your volunteers are doing your own clean-up: 


  1. Remove all garbage and recycling from the premises including garbage from kitchen, bathrooms and hall. 

  2. Clear the yard of all garbage, bottles, etc. 

  3. Sweep/dry mop all floors. DO NOT WET MOP.

  4. Wipe bathroom sinks and counters. Do a general tidy up. 

  5. Wash and dry dishes and cookware, and return to the correct (labeled) location.

  6. Ensure the dishwasher is turned off in both locations. 

  7. Leave all used dish towels/cloths/linens in the kitchen basket for laundering. 

  8. Wipe down the stove thoroughly and ensure all burners are turned OFF. 

  9. Wipe down all kitchen countertops and the table. 


Problems or Questions? 

Office 778-463-1114 


Ensure you have the current door code number for the key lock-box!  You will receive this code information from the rental manager:  


Please keep this page in order to review the responsibilities and rules during and after your event.  Note names and numbers of contact people should you require any assistance. 


At Taghum Hall, we offer all kinds of inclusive programming aimed at bringing people together.  We also rent the Hall to private users, and that helps us keep the lights on and the doors open.  Please note that Taghum Hall rentals are independent functions and are not Taghum Hall-sponsored events. 

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